Local author relives Tribe’s record streak

Chronicles historic 2017 Indians run

Local author relives Tribe’s record streak

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Walk into Two Cafe in Chagrin Falls and you feel the good vibes immediately. Hip menu, rave reviews, at least one very good book, and...you might even get to meet the author.

NIck Brigeman is not only an employee, he’s a lifelong Tribe fan, and season-ticket holder. He loves 'em so much, he chronicled their record-22 game win streak in his new book, “Twenty-Two Games of Fame”.

“It’s unbelievable”, Nick said. “I never thought that I would even make an attempt to write book. I”m not a big fan of reading, but when it comes to sports, I’m going to put my mind to it."

He put more than his mind into it, he put two-and-a-half years into it, before pitching it to a publisher, who pounced.

“They were very interested”, Nick said. “They said it was one of the few times that it was voted unanimously to publish.”

Nick was meticulous in his research, but I gotta tell you, he already knew most of the details. And, when he needed another voice to capture the moments, he turned to the right guy.

Nick works two days at week at Two Cafe, an inspiring place founded by an inspiring woman, Shari Hunter, who provides jobs and training for developmentally-challenged individuals who have so much to offer, but are often overlooked.

“I always say, our message is that we’re not a special place with special people, we’re all just PEOPLE, who belong together," Shari Hunter said. The founder of Two Cafe and Boutique said, “We all have strengths."

Nick has tapped into his. A wealth of knowledge about his favorite Cleveland team, and now he’s sharing it with us.

“It was definitely worth it", said Nick. “This was two-and-a-half years of day to day dedication."

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