Great Lakes rescue group reports more drownings on rough water, including in Lake Erie

A water safety and rescue group is reporting more drownings on Great Lakes, including Lake Erie.

Great Lakes rescue group reports more drownings on rough water, including in Lake Erie

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - As we approach active water months, a Great Lakes rescue group is sending out a warning encouraging swimmers and boaters to stay safe on the water.

Over the weekend, a 19-year-old’s body was recovered after investigators believe he was swept away by a large wave crashing over the Huron Pier.

The study was done before this most recent drowning, bringing that number up to four drownings on Lake Erie so far this year.

This year, there have been 12 drownings in the Great Lakes.

According to the CDC, 10 people die each day from drownings in the United States.

It takes only three minutes underwater for the heart to stop, four minutes for brain damage to begin, and at 10 minutes, you only have a 14% chance of survival from drowning.

Since 2010, there have been nearly 740 deaths in the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project is collecting data and breaking down the numbers, hoping to save lives on the water.

On May 18, two men went missing after boating near Geneva-on-the-Lake. Thirty-eight-year-old Cory Althar’s body was recovered on May 31. First Responders found 19-year-old James Dorsey Wells Jr.’s body last week.

On May 21, the body of 56-year-old Douglas Price was found after he jumped in Lake Erie near Voinovich Park.

In a PSA from Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project and NOAA, the organization said far too many people assume water safety is common sense.

Their data showed 65% of drowning victims were strong swimmers.

Last year, there were 117 drownings in the Great Lakes. It’s the highest numbers the group has ever seen; 36 of the drownings happened in Lake Erie, many of them in Northeast Ohio.

The most important things to remember are:

  • Flip, float, and follow if you feel you are getting into a drowning situation
  • Always designate a water watcher
  • Learn the signs of drowning so you can help others

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