Cuyahoga County spent a bundle attracting an employee who stayed only months

Hiring practice questioned.

Cuyahoga County spent a bundle attracting an employee who stayed only months

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Daro Mott held a variety of jobs in Louisville, Ky. before being hired as Cuyahoga County’s Chief Innovation Officer at a salary of $140,000, plus expenses.

He earned several advanced degrees while working in government there. They came from prestigious universities including Yale and Harvard. He also did a lot of speaking at conventions.

The public speaking is something that continued only three weeks into his job with Cuyahoga County, traveling at county expense to Marco Island Florida’s Hilton Beach Resort and Spa to give a presentation to the Association of Internal Management Consultants. That junket cost taxpayers $1,458. Another conference three months later in Salt Lake City cost us $1,230.

That is some of what 19 News was looking to find out in early April when we began asking questions, including one concerning payments of his housing for six months.

Not getting anything from the county for weeks, we confronted the issue face-to-face two weeks ago with the county’s Chief Communications Officer Eliza Wing.

Wing objected to a camera recording the session, but promised to look into it.

Nothing came for two weeks.

We finally got the file this week and found Mott’s deal included professional organizations for $317, mileage of $1,236, hotels while looking for a place locally for $232, moving expenses of nearly $5,500, and six months rent.

Make no mistake, the initial job offer from the county to Mott included six months of housing. It turned out to be $9,200 for a place in Avon, but that leaves more than $10,000 in other expenses submitted and paid for by the county during his short stay.

The file provided this week lists no date or reason for Mott’s leaving. We know the stay was only months despite the huge front end outlay. The reason an employee leaves is typically in a personnel file along with out-processing paperwork.

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