City of Cleveland leases garbage trucks to ease costly pickup delays

$300,000 spent to bridge gap till new trucks arrive.

Cleveland leases garbage trucks to ease delays in pickups

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It was a photo you couldn’t forget: a garbage can hanging up in a tree, put there by a malfunctioning arm on a city of Cleveland garbage truck.

Seems arms on many trucks weren’t always working, throwing cans around and making a mess. The city promised to do something and today we found out they did. New trucks were out and have been for a couple of weeks. They’re arrival is ahead of schedule, as they weren’t supposed to be here till October.

“They were already budgeted, but we wouldn’t get them till October. So, we did an intervention basically fast forwarding and leasing trucks from a vendor.” explained Darnell Brown, who is Cleveland Operations Manager.

Ten of them were leased for $300,000. Trucks had been picking up as late as 9 p.m., but no longer.

Brown sayid the overtime savings are making up some of the leasing costs. There are other benefits to having the leased trucks.

“It allows you to take some of the less dependable trucks -- trucks that aren’t as reliable - take them out of the rotation.” noted Brown, who says older trucks are now being repaired and their arms either fixed or replaced.

It is a start on what was a widespread problem, the arms were breaking faster than the city could replace them. The problem was simple.

There were 86 garbage routes to cover but only 68 trucks to do it. Of that only 52 were working. That left a 16-truck deficit that is now cut to six.

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