Cleveland answers why dead, dying trees on Shoreway haven’t been replaced

375 of 950 have to be removed and replaced.

Cleveland answers why dead, dying trees on Shoreway haven’t been replaced
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - In 2017, 19 News reported on the planting of trees on the median of the rebuilt Shoreway.

We went back in 2018 after many asked why so many trees had died. We were told the landscaper was on the hook for replacement because the trees didn’t survive the guaranteed one year.

But nothing has happened. Why?

“The original plan was to do it in the fall. It got a little too late so they decided to do it in the spring,” ODOT spokeswoman Amanda McFarland explained.

But when crews came back in the spring, it was clear that the problem had grown. Nearly all the trees were dead or dying.

It’s got to be a complete redo, but no one wanted to make another mistake.

“They went ahead with an assessment that they wanted to do on the trees and the shrubs to try and figure out why they’re not surviving,” added McFarland.

She explained that many trees are knocked over or uprooted.

In order to decide if salt, wind, the variety of tree or location was to blame, soil and root samples were taken by arborists and are being analyzed before any replanting.

“They will be cleaned up very shortly. It wasn’t cars knocking them over. There were some that were hit by cars but a lot of those that were knocked over were part of the assessment,” according to McFarland.

A second question that lots of people have emailed 19 News about is the tall and unmowed grass on the median and on the roadside.

Simple answer: Much like all of our backyards, it’s been too wet to mow.

Because the problem was found in the one-year “establishment period” guaranteed by the contractor, there is good news for taxpayers. No taxpayer funds will be used for the replanting.

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