Dump truck driver tangles with Lakewood traffic light

Dump truck driver tangles with Lakewood traffic light
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LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) -A dump truck driver in Lakewood found himself in a fight he couldn’t win on Wednesday.

A passing driver caught the incident on his dash cam around 2:21 p.m. at the intersection of Franklin Boulevard and Lewis Drive.

The truck driver is seen approaching the intersection with the bed raised, making it impossible to fully clear the intersection.

The dump truck remains caught on the traffic light as the passing motorist drives by the scene and catches the whole thing on his dash cam.

According to the accident report provided by Lakewood police, the truck driver had just emptied a load of asphalt for Shelly Asphalt Company and failed to lower the dump portion of the truck before leaving.

Thankfully, nobody was injured, but there was minor damage to both the traffic light pole and the truck.

The driver was cited for failure to control and fined $331.34.

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