Wrong bus stop leads to confusion, frustration after 9 year old arrives home in tears

Wrong bus stop leads to confusion, tears and anger against Cleveland school

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - West 58th Street and Koch is where Melody King said she was told to get off the bus, even after she told her bus driver it was the wrong place.

“I was scared and I was worried I was going to get snatched up before I got home to my family,” King said.

Hallie Tiderman is Melody’s mom.

“She was dropped off at the wrong bus stop, which was West 58th and Koch, which is an alley and she walked by herself to our home,” Tiderman said.

This “wrong bus stop odyssey” could have turned out badly for nine-year-old Melody King. King said a man in a white van was following her.

Melody’s mom said none of this would have happened if the new bus driver had just listened to Melody.

“I asked Melody and she said ‘Mom the bus driver, I told her it was the wrong stop. She goes that’s not what my paper says so you need to get off my bus now.’ ”

The drop off was four blocks off the mark.

Melody had to figure out where she was, as she walked down Koch, an alleyway, to a street she recognized to find her way home to an anxious mom.

“I was livid, like I told them, this could have been a very horrible outcome. I could have lost my kid and you guys couldn’t even tell me where she was at. Let alone that, this could happen to somebody’s else’s kid and they may not get as lucky as I did,” Tiderman said.

Cleveland 19 News talked with Cleveland Metropolitan School District and a spokeswoman said there are major discrepancies between what Melody, her mom and the bus driver said happened.

The district is still working its way through the various stories and said it will get back to 19 News. C

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