Access road remains open in Olmsted Falls neighborhood

No one can agree who should pay for the bridge that leads to a private road

Olmsted Falls threatens to close down access road, potentially leaving some residents landlocked

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio (WOIO) -The debate continues over an access road that some people call necessary and others call a dangerous hazard.

The road that connects nine households at the end of Northwood Drive in Olmsted Falls is supposed to be only for emergency use, but that was changed four years ago.

The bridge that connected the neighborhood to the rest of town was shut down, badly in need of repairs.

The bridge, which is privately owned, became the center of controversy when its owners could not decide who would pay for necessary repairs.

Olmsted Falls opened the then-emergency only access road via the Northwood Drive cul-de-sac.

Four years later, it’s still the only way into the neighborhood with a private road.

“There’s a lot of traffic through a cul-de-sac, where there’s, I mean, just in these houses alone, there’s 14 school-age and younger children that are playing at all times,” said Karen Cooney, who said she thinks the access road posses a danger.

However, residents who will be “landlocked” if the access road is shut down, disagree.

"They can't go to doctors, they can't go grocery shopping, we just can't get out either way. He's landlocking us," said Mary School, who lives in one of the nine homes affected.

On Friday, the city prepared to close off access, posting poles and running a chain across the entrance to the road. Before they could complete the job, though, they called if off, citing a decision by Judge Michael Russo.

That leaves residents on both sides of the road in limbo.

Olmsted Falls Service Director Joe Borszuch says the city is not playing favorites between the groups.

There’s no set timeline on when the road could be closed. For now, it’s open--and the bridge is still closed.

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