City to close access road, land-locking residents on private road where bridge is broken

City to close access road, land-locking residents on private road where bridge is broken

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio (WOIO) - People in one Olmsted Falls neighborhood are frustrated they could be trapped at home this weekend.

The bridge on their private road is broken.

Now, the city is preparing to step in, urging them to find a solution.

It’s hard not to cringe going back to Mary School’s house.

Soon, she might not be able to make it home at all.

The mayor of Olmsted Falls opened the emergency access road to the neighborhood years ago, when the bridge became too unsafe to use.

Now, the city is about to block it off.

“People in positions of power are using their power for what they want to achieve instead of what’s right,” School said.

Right now, residents can’t agree on how to pay for repairs to the bridge on East River Road.

Some feel that’s the issue.

School said according to their deeds, each resident is responsible for maintaining a piece of the private road.

Three of her neighbors own the part of the road that includes the bridge. She said they want everyone to help pay to fix it though.

19 News tried to talk to them Thursday, but no one answered their doors.

Those who have kids that play in the cul-de-sac where one end of the access road is have had it with the traffic and the mess.

“It’s dangerous, we’re concerned.” Marcie O’Hanlon said.

Karen Cooney added, “They’ve had a long time to kind of figure it out.”

So, without a resolution, what’s the plan once the city takes action Friday?

“That’s a really good question,” School said.

Even if the city didn’t close the road, it’s not going to be possible to get down the bumpy mess for much longer.

In the past, the city has offered to pitch in, paying a fraction of the cost to help residents fix the bridge. That wasn’t enough for residents.

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