High water floods half of Mentor Headlands Beach, parking lots

Flood threat at Headlands State Park

MENTOR, Ohio (WOIO) - Heavy rains, strong winds, and high water are making Headlands Beach State Park in Mentor a wetter place than usual.

Half of the mile-long beach and half of the parking lots are currently underwater.

Ohio Department of Nature Resources park and watercraft manager Jon Quisenberry said heavy rains accompanied by Lake Erie being 26-28″ inches higher than normal on top of the strong winds that came from the North overnight pushed the waves over the beach and onto the parking lots.

More specifically, parking lots 12-19 are the ones that are underwater.

However, Quisenberry said the Eastern portion of the beach and the main parking lots (1-11) remain unaffected.

The boardwalk area and nature preserves are also still user-friendly.

Mentor Headlands remains open despite the flooding.

Flood threat at Headlands State Park

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