Barberton residents fret over flooded neighborhoods as more rain looms

Barberton man overcome by CO while working in his flooded basement

BARBERTON, Ohio (WOIO) - A neighborhood in Barberton is underwater from 14th Street to 17th Street.

Linda Hayhorst’s washer and dryer are nearly floating in her flooded basement.

“You feel sort of desperate about what you’ll have to do, and the cleanup,” she said.

She’s had the feeling before. She still lives on 14th Street though, after being through several floods.

“You stay because financially you can’t afford to move,” she said.

On Barber Road, our cameras captured fish swimming down the street.

“It’s definitely the worst I’ve ever seen it. I mean in 18 years of living in Barberton, it’s bad,” resident Avery Spedy said.

Spedy says the water is a huge hassle for anyone trying to get anywhere.

“No one can get on the highway, all the trucking routes are shut down coming in and out of here,” he said. “It just puts a big inconvenience on all the travel in the town.”

Dealerships are moving their inventory.

Crews are rescuing drivers who get stuck and elderly residents that are home-bound.

The worst part is no one knows what the solution’s going to be and when it’s coming.

“This kinda snuck up on us,” Hayhorst said.

There aren’t any mandatory evacuations in Barberton right now.

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