Canal Fulton faces worst flooding in decades, comparisons to 1913 water levels

Canal Fulton faces worst flooding in decades, comparisons to 1913 water levels

CANAL FULTON, Ohio (WOIO) - In the Stark County town of Canal Fulton,the current flooding conditions remind a lot of people of pictures they’ve seen of an event that happened over 100 years ago: The 1913 flood of the city.

However, no one 19 News talked to could remember a time in recent memory where the floodwaters have been this high.

“Not this bad, no. I think I was really young the last time this happened,” said Eryn Yoder, as she walked with her father, Terry Yoder, across the railroad tracks adjacent to their Millhaven Road home.

The road is the only vehicle access in or out of their neighborhood, and now that it’s blocked off, residents are resorting to walking around it or canoeing across.

"Always in the back of your head is what happens if someone is hurt back here and needs an ambulance," said Dr. Ajay Nyer. "How are you going to get in? There's only one way in and one way out. So something has to be fixed about that."

As 19 News crews watched, nearly all residents turned around after seeing the flooding, except for one truck which tried to make it and got stuck. The man inside made it out OK, but his truck remained in the waters.

Others, like Terry Yoder, were happy to walk around the water, rather than take the risk.

“The township has done some work and helped a lot. However, when it gets really high, we deal with this. We’re just thankful we do have a way out,” he said.

Off and on Tuesday, power crews cut off electricity when waters appeared to get too close to overhanging power lines, but said they were trying to reduce the outages as much as possible.

More rain is forecast for the area on Thursday.

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