Avon Lake family warning others about boarding your pets this summer

Avon Lake family warning others about boarding your pets this summer

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WOIO) -An Avon Lake family is warning others about boarding pets while you’re on vacation this summer.

One day after the Long’s picked up their dog, Bosco they had to say goodbye to him. “He had many years to live. He was taken from us way too soon,” said Kevin Long.

Bosco’s final days were spent at Avon Pet Lodge. Long and his wife chose to board their diabetic dog there while on vacation after speaking at length with the owner and trusting him.

“We drew it out for him how many units of insulin he needed, how much water and food, the time frame. He said he had done it before, not a problem,” said Long.

They dropped him off on a Thursday. When they called on Tuesday, Long says they were told, “Bosco’s doing great. Everything is fine.”

Then, they called on Saturday to say they would be picking him up early and were told, “Bosco was lethargic and lost interest in his food.”

Long wonders why Avon Pet Lodge never contacted him or other family members in town. “We left four phone numbers in case he didn’t eat,” said Long. Later that night, they got Bosco back. “We just cried. We couldn’t believe what we saw.”

Once the Long’s brought Bosco home, they realized he’d lost a quarter of his weight, and they noticed three unused needles which led them to believe he wasn’t given those insulin shots.

When they called Avon Pet Lodge asking questions about that as well as Bosco being fed and given water, Long says, “I was told they don’t keep those sorts of records.”

He went on to say, “These records should be kept and they should be given to the owners when they pick them.”

We stopped by Avon Pet Lodge to see if the owner wanted to talk.

He said, “no comment.” Bosco didn’t even make it a full day with his family.

“We brought him home from the hospital so the girls could say bye and we took him back and had to put him down.” He’s buried in the Long’s yard and all they have now are memories.

“We didn’t get the service we paid for and we paid the ultimate price,” said Long.

Avon pet lodge is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. We found there was one similar complaint to Long’s, which is unresolved.

There’s also one negative review. Long says he’s not giving up until someone is held accountable.

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