Clinton, Ohio is under water after heavy rains hit the tiny town caught between Tuscarwarus River and Ohio Erie Canal

Updated: Jun. 19, 2019 at 7:38 PM EDT
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CLINTON, Ohio (WOIO) - In Clinton, Ohio, it’s hard to know where the town’s main roads are, and where the Tuscarwarus River and Ohio Erie Canal begin and end.

Gordon Shobe is the owner of the Clinton Auto Repair shop that sits in the middle of what today looked like Lake Erie.

“Caught between two dams here from down south and up north,” he said.

Shobe has owned the shop for the past 13 years, and said his flag was actually in the water at one point. The water has gone down some.

Chuck Clark says this is unbelievable. “The water is flowing everywhere, in every direction, flooding buildings and roadways.”

Clinton was founded in 1816. It now has about 1,200 residents. Most of the people know one other, and the pain is felt across the community.

Terry Siegenthaler is the street commissioner for the Village of Clinton.

“We kinda of caught between... this is what happens,” said Siegenthaler.

Everywhere you look water is king. Here on Deibel Street in Clinton, some homeowners are locked in, their vehicles are flooded and won’t start, and others can’t get out of their driveways.

The good news is the water is slowly receding. The bad news is more rain is expected overnight and on Thursday.

That’s just going to cause the same thing to happen again. If officials open the flood gates of the two damns upstream and downstream from Clinton, it would flood an area with $1 million homes, so Clinton will have to suffer the brunt of the high water and the cleanup that will eventually follow.

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