Euclid and Cuyahoga County making changes after murder suspect mistakenly released from jail

19 News Investigates: “I’m sorry that the mistake happened,” the court clerk said.

Euclid and Cuyahoga County making changes after murder suspect mistakenly released from jail

EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News is investigating after a murder suspect was released from jail by mistake.

Jacquise Drewery, 21, did not post his $1 million bond, but he was a free man from last Friday night to Monday afternoon.

Drewery is accused of murdering Theodore Hester in Euclid.

He is now back in custody.

Both Euclid and Cuyahoga County now say they will make changes in procedure.

Euclid Municipal Court
Euclid Municipal Court (Source: WOIO)

Keith Hurley is the clerk of court for Euclid Municipal Court.

He said it started off with the wrong paperwork.

“Our office did make an error, but I feel we did the best we could to correct that error in a reasonable amount of time,” Hurley said.

Drewery had two cases open on June 13, a traffic case and a murder case.

An employee sent a "release of inmate" notice to the Euclid Jail annex on the wrong case.

“Within 40 minutes of the case being adjudicated, our office reached out to the jail annex and told them we made that mistake and that the paperwork needed to be pulled on the criminal case. We created a new release of inmate notice form for the traffic case and faxed that to the jail annex,” Hurley said.

But that didn't help.

The county jail released Drewery the next day.

19 News asked exactly how the jail was notified of the mistake.

“One of my deputies called the jail annex and we also faxed the new release of inmate form on the traffic case,” Hurley said.

We asked him if there was any follow up with the jail after the court realized they made a mistake.

“There was not, and that would be another item we would certainly give consideration to, making sure we have that confirmation,” Hurley said.

Hurley says they're reviewing the forms they use, getting return fax confirmations and recording and making notes on the cases.

“I’m sorry that the mistake happened, and it’s something we’re going to be much more mindful of making sure something like that will not happen again,” he said.

Euclid Jail annex is run by Cuyahoga County.
Euclid Jail annex is run by Cuyahoga County.

We asked Cuyahoga County spokesperson Mary Louise Madigan why the suspect was released from jail after Euclid officials called over saying they made a mistake and also sent the jail a corrected document.

Madigan said, “we acted on the paperwork record that we had.”

She said the county’s records unit will undergo more training after the incident.

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