Summit County residents eagerly awaiting solution to washed out roads as more rain moves in

Summit County residents waiting on solution to washed out roads as more rain moves in

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Norton and New Franklin residents are waiting to find out how officials are going to fix a road that collapsed after the heavy rains came down at the beginning of this week.

For the last month, residents have been waiting for the cities of New Franklin and Norton to get together with the county to decide who’s responsible for maintenance of Kungle Road.

Thankfully, water that was flooding their homes, because it couldn’t run through the culvert under Kungle Road, is now flowing freely through a path crews cleared late Tuesday.

But, residents got some really frustrating news Wednesday.

The problem is, representatives from two cities and the county met Wednesday morning but, not only did they not decide who’s going to pay to fix the road, they don’t even know how they want to fix it.

The people in charge actually closed it last month, because it was crumbling.

Eric Cameron lives on the New Franklin side of it.

“It’s an inconvenience, because I always come home this way, and I’ve got to go all the way around,” he said.

Before officials could come to a conclusion, heavy rains moved in and rushing water caused it all to cave in.

Wednesday, County Councilwoman Bethany McKenney coordinated a meeting between the municipalities:

“It’s been complicated between the two cities and the county,” she said. “In the past, New Franklin had taken care of it, prior to the 40′s the county had, and because it’s right on the border. Plus, is this a county road, or not?”

Right now, knowing more rain is coming, she says the county is working to make sure water can move through here freely, so it doesn’t seep into surrounding homes.

“Well, they’re doing something,” Cameron said. “That’s a good thing.”

Tuesday, 19 News also told you about a sinkhole that takes up an entire lane of Manchester Road. It still has the road shut down near Comet Road.

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