Canton Police: Man on meth bursts into Canton home and drags girl into basement before surrendering to officers

Armed neighbor pinned in suspect during brief hostage situation

Man tries to abduct child from home

CANTON, Ohio (WOIO) - A frenetic chain of events erupted early Wednesday morning when a man -- who later admitted to being high on methamphetamine -- broke into a Canton home and dragged an 10-year-old girl into her basement.

According to Canton Police, a neighbor heard screaming and commotion, grabbed his gun and stood guard at the basement stairs, pinning in the suspect—Christapher Strickland, 30, of Akron.

Officers rushed to the scene and demanded that Strickland release the girl and surrender himself.

He complied and was promptly cuffed and taken into custody.

“He did freely admit to officers that he was under the influence of meth. He stated he had taken them just a couple of hours before this incident," Canton Police Capt. Dave Davis said. “He didn’t give us any indication why he did this.”

The girl was released to her mother, but because she had been left home alone, police notified Stark County Child Protective Services.

Strickland was charged with felony-level burglary and abduction charges, and is being held in Stark County Jail.

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