Unmarked traffic camera prompts East Cleveland to post new signs after 19 News report

East Cleveland Law Director promises a quick fix.

Unmarked traffic camera prompts East Cleveland to post new signs after 19 News report

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Traffic moves at a pretty good clip up Superior Hill in East Cleveland going towards Cleveland Heights.

A traffic camera at the top of the hill is what Chris Jones fell victim to. We say “victim” because there is no sign warning drivers that there is a camera ahead as mandated in Ohio law.

There clearly was a sign at one point, but now only the remnants of it remain; the base it was attached to.

The sign is gone now.

Given that fact and the fact that branches and brush obscure the traffic camera as you approach it if you’re heading up Superior, you’re a sitting duck.

At East Cleveland City Hall, we learned that the prosecutor has nothing to do with the cameras.

Law Director Willa Hemmons said she was unaware that there was no warning sign.

“Well, there should be a sign there. If it was taken down, then it will be replaced immediately. Thanks for informing us,” was her reaction to 19 News.

That should make the tickets stick in the future. But what about those already ticketed, like Jones?

“Go and take a picture of the area if they’re saying there is no signage. Just take a picture of the area and then the hearing officer would address it in a just matter," is Hemmons’ solution.

Jones says he’ll do that. But you’ve got to be an early bird. Walk in protests are only taken from 8 to 9 a.m. on Thursdays.

One final thing: 19 News pointed out another missing sign to the law director: One on Euclid Avenue, likely removed by a vandal.

“Vandalism is something you know we try to control, but we can’t control it immediately. But with information like this, we will replace it,” added Hemmons.

She promised to inform both the police chief and other departments of the problems at the two intersections and get them corrected.

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