Thousands filled out a ‘felt report’ after 4.0 magnitude Northeast Ohio earthquake, but now what?

There have been two more smaller quakes since the 4.0 magnitude event on June 10.

Thousands filled out ‘felt report’ after Northeast Ohio earthquake, but now what?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Almost immediately after the low rumble stopped from the June 10, 4.0 magnitude earthquake in Northeast Ohio, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) asked people to fill out a “felt report.”

The survey asked questions like, “Did you feel it?”, “Did others nearby feel it?” and “Was it difficult to stand and/or walk?”

The epicenter of the 4.0 earthquake was under Lake Erie off the coast of Eastlake.

More than 9,100 people completed the survey from as far away as Flint, Mich. and Pittsburgh.

“Sometimes the report can verify the location,” Don Blakeman said who is a geophysicist with the National Earthquake Information Center, a branch of the USGS.

In the case of Cleveland’s quake it was immediately apparent where the earthquake was centered.

Blakeman said the “felt report” is more helpful with smaller quakes that might happen in a rural area.

“There are other things to learn from the Cleveland area event, if people study it, but ‘did you feel it’ just helps us determine where it was," he said. “If we had a 2.5 somewhere in Indiana, we may only get three or four people to respond.”

But in a metropolitan community like Cleveland numerous people gave the USGS a huge base of responses.

“It helps people see they weren’t alone. Other people felt it,” Blackman said.

Reports on the USGS site show there have been two much smaller quakes since the larger one, which were also located out in Lake Erie off the coast of Cleveland’s East Side.

  • June 15, 1.8 magnitude, Eastlake, Ohio
  • June 17, 1.5 magnitude, Willowick, Ohio

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