City of Mansfield’s fire hydrant inspection process ‘under review’ following fatal arson

City leaders said the fire hydrant inspection process is currently under review

City of Mansfield’s fire hydrant inspection process ‘under review’ following fatal arson

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - One day after a 3-year-old girl was killed in a suspected arson, Mansfield city leaders said they’re reviewing the fire hydrant inspection process.

Public Works Director David Remy told 19 News there is an interview review of how the city conducts fire hydrant inspections.

The hydrant outside the home that investigators say someone set on fire wasn’t working.

Lt. Dan Crow, with the Mansfield Fire Division, said firefighters had to connect their hoses to get to one down the street.

“I don’t know exactly why that fire hydrant wasn’t working, but they did try to connect to that hydrant,” Crow stated.

19 News wanted to know more about why the hydrant wasn’t working and when it was last inspected.

Remy said he doesn’t know the answer either.

He said the city is working on an internal review of their hydrant inspection process.

He also said the city’s goal is to inspect hydrants on a rotating basis every four years, but he couldn’t say if that happened with this hydrant.

19 News asked another local city about their fire hydrant inspection process.

T.J. Martin, with the Parma Fire Department, said the city checks nearly 4,000 hydrants every spring.

He said they make sure each hydrant is working. However, there is a chance it could work one day, and not work the next.

He also said when a hydrant isn’t working, the city paints the top of it red, letting firefighters know they need to move on to the next one.

Remy couldn’t say if Mansfield does anything similar to this with out of service hydrants.

The public works director did say he would provide documents and additional information to 19 News on Friday regarding the city’s internal review.

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