Sugercreek police officer body camera caught horrifying attack (video)

Sugercreek police officer body camera caught horrifying attack (video)

SUGARCREEK, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News now has the horrific body cam video of a Sugarcreek Police officer being attacked with a screwdriver during a traffic stop.

Captain Brian Dalton was then forced to open fire.

The suspect, 32 year-old, Elijiajh Collins III, of North Carolina, was killed.

Officer Dalton pulled over Collins, a truck driver, after police said they received a call.

Police said Collins was driving a semi in a neighborhood where he wasn’t supposed to be.

After the officer filled out a ticket Captain Dalton approached Collins, who was seated in his truck with the door open, Dalton said, “Ok, sir. Here’s your credentials back, ID.”

Dalton then asked, “What’s the last four of your social security?”

There was no response from Collins.

Body cam video shows the brutal attack of a Sugarcreek police officer being attacked

Dalton then asked, “Do you have a phone number to be reached at?” Collins replied, “No.”

Officer Dalton then explained Collins would be summoned for criminal mischief and said, “Okay. Well, you have to make a mandatory court appearance July 3rd, at 1:00 p.m.”

That clearly infuriated Collins, though his voice didn’t express it.

Collins said, “I’m not doing it.”

Out of nowhere, Collins reached down into his truck door, grabbed a screwdriver, jumped from the truck and stabbed Officer Dalton in the neck.

At that point, the video became very graphic, so 19 News froze the video, but Captain Dalton fired off nearly a dozen shots killing Collins.

Then, he made a frantic call for help.

Captain Dalton is still in the ICU, but he is stable.

19 News checked into Collins’ police record. He had an extensive criminal history.

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