Lorain County builder responds to homeowner’s complaints after they come to 19 News

Owners sign drew lots of attention.

Lorain County builder responds to homeowner’s complaints after they come to 19 News

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Ryan Homes Reserve at Winfield is a popular development in Eaton Township, just outside North Ridgeville.

There are lots of homes under construction.

That is what frustrates Brandy and Craig Hollis, who put up a protest sign to try and get help. They’ve been in their home for four months and the yard is a mess. Weeds everywhere and water pooling around the foundation in holes below grade.

“We have three small children that can’t come out to the yard, all the debris, all the construction. There’s a board over there with nails sticking out of it. I mean, when is our house going to be able to become a home,” is how Brandy summed up her frustration.

They made their case with pictures of holes pounded into roof shingles by a crew.

Ryan has replaced the shingles three times, and workers put more holes in. Missing gutters, and in some cases, there is sloppy brick and caulking work.

To say nothing of the fact, the wrong brick was installed and had to be replaced.

Chasing down all the problems has tired them.

The Hollis family says they put the sign up only after they’d been given repeated promises to fix things by a project manager.

A guy we found wasn’t too anxious to talk to us, speeding away when we approached his truck.

That was Monday. We came back on Tuesday to try to get a reaction from the builder, but coming down the street, the first thing we noticed was this pile of rubbish, including that big board with a nail sticking out of it.

You go around to the back of the house: Even more progress.

The rough grade is being done. The Hollis’ say the project manager notified his boss. They got a call Tuesday promising their job would be top priority.

We made repeated phone and email calls to Ryan Homes for comment. The Hollis’ say their sign will come down as soon as the issues are corrected. They are well on the way to doing that with the attention they got.

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