Meth cases soar in many Northeast Ohio counties, supplied by Mexican drug cartels

Ohio BCI tested twice as many samples of meth last year.

Meth cases flood into Northeast Ohio, purer and more dangerous than before

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Northeast Ohio continues to fight the opioid epidemic, but methamphetamine is eclipsing heroin in some places.

Meth samples tested by Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation more than doubled last year.

A lab technician tests a large sample of methamphetamine.
A lab technician tests a large sample of methamphetamine. (Source: WOIO)

The meth flooding into Northeast Ohio is purer than ever before, making it more potent and possibly more deadly.

“When we see the opioid crisis that's been happening and we have the crackdowns on heroin, what we see is something that's been put in its place,” said Ohio BCI Superintendent Joe Morbitzer.

And it’s not being made in Ohio. It’s coming from south of the border, from drug cartels in Mexico.

“So the cartel's figured out there are some Americans that have a bad addiction, and they just started flooding the market, and they put the prices really low,” said Jason Waddell, director of Medway DEA in Wooster.

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