What’s a seemingly simple kitchen task that you can’t grasp? The Taste Buds confess their cooking ‘gaps’

The Taste Buds confess their kitchen fails and help others master the simple stuff.
Dave Kocab and Jen Picciano work through her cooking "gaps."
Dave Kocab and Jen Picciano work through her cooking "gaps."(woio)
Updated: Jul. 2, 2019 at 9:17 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio - What’s your cooking “gap?” Is there something that is seemingly simple to most people to make or cook, but difficult or impossible for you?

Is there a basic cooking technique or kitchen skill that others seem to handle without a problem, but continues to give your trouble?

We’re confessing our own cooking gaps, and helping you tackle yours on this week’s Taste Buds, hosted by me, Dave Kocab (Chef de Cuisine at The Black Pig) and Matt Mytro (Chef/Partner at Flour).

Me? I can’t execute a good casserole to save my life. They always seems to turn out soggy and sad, or dry and bland. I also seem to always overcook meat (particularly roasts) in the slow cooker. No amount of broth or other liquids ever save them. They’re tough as leather.

How about you? What are the simple, easy things that vex you in the kitchen? Comment during the show and we’ll read your thoughts, confessions and suggestions for others, live during the show.

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