Hotels benefit from MLB All-Star Game, but look for longer term benefits

Game is rehearsal for upcoming events that are even bigger

Hotels benefit from MLB All-Star Game, but look for longer term benefits

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The dining room at Turn, the restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, is where 19 News caught up with Executive Chef Richard, who had a moment to reflect on the efforts to feed the sports-crazed masses invading the city.

He knows people will be in and out from events so service must be quick.

Will the menu change?

“Luxury-themed items, sports in mind. We’re really going to be beer-centric, meat-centric throughout the week,” is his vision.

MLB All-Star Week is bringing in families, as opposed to catering to delegates at a political convention. At the Hilton, General Manager Teri Agosta sees the game as yet another opportunity to showcase Cleveland to a wide audience.

“They get curious about Cleveland, they say, ‘Wow, this looks like an amazing city. How do I bring my meeting there? How do I come for a visit? How do I try something new?’ So really, it’s just kind of a teaser," she said.

At Destination Cleveland, Emily Lauer said no one event has led to the resurgence of Cleveland as a destination, and that collaboration is key.

It all began to come together 8 or 9 years ago with planning and even cooperation among usually competing hotels and destinations. The Ritz is all in.

“Playing off the city, that’s the theme of what we do every day. We have a wonderful city, so we really try to feature what’s happening here in town. Our menus are all Cleveland focused,” said Chef Richard.

Something very important in the success is that all the stakeholders post event debriefings. What went right, what went wrong? How can we improve? They’re good questions to ask with the NFL Draft coming in 2021.

“It’s bigger than the Super Bowl. Why, because there’s so many teams represented right. We’ve got everybody coming to celebrate their particular team not just two teams,” said Lauer.

Brace yourself, they expect at least 600,000 people here for the NFL Draft.

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