Clevelander and former White House Chef Sam Morgante turns love of cigars into lucrative career

Former White House Chef Sam Morgante releases presidential-inspired cigars

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Former White House Chef Sam Morgante has quite the story.

He has worked with the Bush and Clinton administrations as an executive chef and he has been in the business for over 20 years.

Morgante’s specialty was in Tex-Mex, (President George W. Bush, of Texas, LOVED barbecue.)

He relished his time in the White House but now he has realized another passion -- cigars.

He launched his brand, Morgante Cigars, alongside his business partner Felix Assouline.

The cigars are produced in Ometepe, Nicaragua with a unique back story.

The tobaccos are blended with the soil from the volcanic ash of two nearby volcanoes.

“Growing tobacco in that volcanic ash creates the perfect sweet tobacco.”
Sam Morgante

The average aging time is three years or more per cigar .

Morgante’s launch includes a sub-brand titled Presidential Chef’s Choice.

The series is complete with their own mock White House seal.

Fun Facts

  • 17 former presidents smoked cigars
  • Clinton was the first to ban smoking in the White House
  • Barrack Obama and Donald Trump do not smoke

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