Progressive Field food vendor leaves ‘signature’ mark on hot dogs during MLB All-Star Game

Local man feeding, entertaining fans

Progressive Field food vendor leaves ‘signature’ mark during MLB All-Star Game

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The MLB All-Star Game is more than just a collection of top talent.

It’s a festival for the fans and the familiar faces of Progressive Field, like Sean Hairston, who’s been bringing you your hot dogs for a few seasons now and delivers them with his own signature flair.

As in, literally, his signature.

Hairston will write “Cleveland” on your dog in mustard or ketchup. He’ll write your name, or your favorite player’s name. Or, just about anything else.

“It all started about two seasons back,” Hairston said. “I was talking with one of the fans and they asked me to write their name on it. I saw the excitement that they got from it, and from then on, I decided I wanted to make everyone happy in that way.”

Not that it’s always easy. The longest request?

“Edwin Encarnacion,” he says. “I made it work.”

Hey, he’s had a lot of practice. Hairston works every home game. That’s 81 right there, plus playoffs.

His first season was 2016, so right out of the gate, he experienced the thrill of a seven-game World Series. And now, the MLB All-Star Game.

“In all, honestly, it’s an honor,” Hairston said. “The experience of the World Series was one thing, and it was definitely amazing, but being able to be here, seeing a lot of great players, and great fans, it’s such an experience I’d love to cherish the rest of my life.”

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