Cleveland judge sentences graffiti vandal to paint railings with a toothbrush (video)

cleveland judge sentences graffiti vandal to painting railings with a toothbrush

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Judge Michael A. Cicconetti handed down yet another creative sentencing on Thursday morning.

The defendant, Avery A. White, was in court for spray painting a caboose owned by the Grand River Railway.

Cicconetti gave White the option to spend 10 days in jail or to paint railings with a toothbrush.

White chose the latter.

“I’m owning up to it and taking full responsibility for it.” White told Judge Cicconetti at his sentencing hearing.

The judge was pleased to hear it.

19 News live streamed the hearing, which can be watched in its entirety below:

Creative sentencing scheduled in court

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