Criminologist analyzes video showing Cuyahoga County jail officer dousing woman with pepper foam: ‘The officer had options he didn’t use’

Criminology experts says jail officers didn’t follow protocol in newly released video showing woman being doused with pepper foam.

Criminologist analyzes video showing Cuyahoga County jail officer dousing woman with pepper foam: ‘T

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A woman has filed a civil lawsuit against Cuyahoga County and jail officers after video is released showing her being doused with pepper foam and slapped across the face.

Woman sprayed with pepper foam while restrained by corrections officers sues Cuyahoga County Jail

The lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday against Cuyahoga County and corrections officers Idris-Farid Clark and Robert Marsh, is in reference to a July 2018 incident at the county jail.

The woman, Chantelle Glass, claimed that the corrections officers used excessive force and assaulted her. She also alleged that that Cuyahoga County failed to properly train and supervise its employees.

19 News showed the video to a criminology expert who said there were a few disturbing details in the video.

Cleveland State Criminology Professor Dr. Meghan Novisky specializes in corrections consulting. She previously worked as a consultant for The University of Cincinnati’s Correction’s Institute.

She said training protocols either weren’t followed and/or the officers need more training.

“In this particular case, the officer had many options that he did not use," she said.

Novisky said pepper foam is commonly used in jails across the country, but not in this way.

“It’s part of normal training and it’s definitely an option on the use of force escalation scale, but it’s typically reserved for more serious cases," Novisky explained.

She also stated that it was disturbing seeing the officer slap Glass across the face. Novisky explained that slapping inmates doesn’t serve a purpose. She considered that excessive use of force.

“I doubt that’s something that they learned in their training and I would be kind of horrified if that is something they learned," she said.

Glass claimed she was restrained because she asked to make a phone call.

Woman pepper sprayed while handcuffed to chair at Cuyahoga County Jail

19 News asked the county to confirm what led to her being put in the chair. County officials stated they can’t comment because of the pending lawsuit.

The full video including officer body cam footage was released this week showing what happened during and after a jail officer doused Glass with pepper foam.

Correction Officer Idris-Farid Clark and guard Robert Marsh were indicted on a handful of charges including felonious assault and unlawful restraint.

The indictments came after a lengthy investigation from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and a report from the U.S. Marshal’s Service about conditions in the jail, which called the facility “inhumane.”

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