Cleveland APL celebrates milestone of 50,000 cat neuters

Cleveland APL celebrates milestone of 50,000 cat neuters
Source: Cleveland APL

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A lucky cat was the recipient of a TNR (trap, neuter, return) surgery at the Cleveland APL on Friday.

This surgery was the 50,000th TNR surgery for the Cleveland APL to perform.

The cat arrived at the Cleveland APL’s Animal Welfare Clinic on Friday after entering a humane trap.

The APL has been giving surgeries to animals since 2008 and says about 125,000 feral cats are still roaming out and about throughout Northeast Ohio.

The Cleveland APL says cats transported to the APL are given vaccinations, spayed or neutered and then returned back to the familiar area they were trapped at a surgery fee of $10. This helps to reduce the birth rate of homeless kittens.

For more information about the Cleveland APL’s TNR program, call Sarah Dasher, Cleveland APL Animal Wellness Clinic Coordinator, at 216-377-1624 or visit

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