The story behind Ghost Aydan: How a North Ridgeville kid changed his life by playing Fortnite

The story behind Ghost Aydan: How a North Ridgeville kid changed his life playing Fortnite

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio (WOIO) - Think about this article the next time you yell at your kid about playing video games.

Aydan Conrad is one of the most recognizable faces in the world of Esports.

He grew up in North Ridgeville, in a trailer home just 20 miles west of Cleveland, he now lives in a luxury apartment space in Irvine, California. - All thanks to gaming.

It’s actually insane

He makes thousands - hundreds of thousands of dollars playing video games and he’s only 20 years of age.

His game of choice is Fortnite, a multiplayer, virtual game that has taken over since it’s initial release in 2017.

In the Esports world he is known by his moniker ‘Ghost Aydan.’

How he makes money

How pro gamers make money

Aydan earns revenue by playing in tournaments and streaming online via Twitch.

Fans watch his battles online by following him on his social media outlets and YouTube channel.

“It’s like a game of chess, with shooting.” - Ghost Aydan

He got his love of gaming from his father, Justin, pictured below:

Aydan started playing the game as soon as it released in July of 2017, for hours on end.

“It was bad," Aydan admitted, I wasn’t doing homework. I was just going to school, chucking my bag and playing the game until it was time for school again."

At the time, he was doing some streaming online and taking wager matches to make money on the side.

But following his graduation from North Ridgeville High School it was time for the talk.

“I was one of those dads when he graduated high school I’m like your’e gonna have to go get a job.”
Justin Conrad

The wide-eyed teen had one request, just a little bit of time.

“Dad just give me one year, one year and I’ll make it. - If I’m not making what you make in a year I’ll go get a job.”
Justin Conrad

From that moment he went into overdrive, months later he won his first tournament, and that’s been the trend ever since.

Earlier this year, Ghost Aydan penned a contract with GhostGaming, he’s become a figure head for the team.

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Going for the $500k this weekend. #GhostFortnite

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Recently Ghost Aydan qualified for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, where he’ll be able to compete for a split jackpot of $3M.

He even games with his father, who plays in his downtime from their family home.

For you and yours

Users can play Fortnite on PlayStation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

Professional gaming may not be for everyone, but there are definitely benefits from taking the hobby serious.

Across the U.S., colleges and universities are forming competitive teams.

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