Former Cleveland school security guard who preyed on vulnerable girls sentenced to 4 years

Three East Tech High School victim’s were 15 years old.

Former Cleveland school security guard who preyed on vulnerable girls sentenced to 4 years

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “God is good. God is real good. In this storm, I will still honor God, no matter what,” is how Derrick Dugger answered a question from 19 News as he awaited sentencing for having sexual relationships with students.

Dugger claimed in court he was a changed man, not the man who groomed girls half his age for sex.

His attorney even suggested that the relationship with one of the girls was consensual.

Some of the sex acts occurred in Dugger’s car while giving the girls a ride home.

What is most disturbing is that some of the acts occurred behind the walls of East Tech High School; a place where the protector became a predator.

Without speaking a word, a mothers hurt, caused by what Dugger did, is clear on her face. Painfully clear.

“This man has taken advantage of my child and her childhood to us is finished. We hope this man gets the maximum sentence for his crimes," was the statement of another family, which was read by a victim’s advocate.

“He’s going to say he’s sorry and I don’t doubt he’s more sorry now than he’s been all the days of his life and he’s going to tell you that he’s actually a good guy. That’s the part I want this court to listen to. He’s not a good guy,” is what Detective Charlie McNeeley, the man who may know most about the case, described Dugger.

Judge Brian Corrigan used a quotation from “Dante’s Inferno” to sum up his view of the case.

“The innermost circle of hell, the one where the worst offenders go, is reserved for people who violate other people’s trust. That’s what you did.”

As punishment for what he did, Dugger will spend four years in prison and be labeled the most serious form of sex offender.

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