Family wants Cleveland Metroparks police to reopen investigation of Tinkers Creek drowning

Concerns aired at meeting of Metroparks Board.

Family wants Cleveland Metroparks police to reopen investigation of Tinker’s Creek drowning

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - On June 1, 2017, searchers fanned out in the Bedford Reservation looking without success for 15-year-old Jalen Wise.

He and other boys were taken to the park to swim by a neighbor without his mother knowing.

Despite warnings not to, they went in the water. But Wise couldn’t swim and his family says wouldn’t have gone in.

In a police report, a witness said Wise was surrounded by several of the other boys and seemed apprehensive.

Another witness heard a scream, then heard a splash and saw Wise being swept under a tunnel.

Among concerns are why did it take 14 days to get a statement from the man who took Wise to the park without telling his mother? Why wasn’t he cited? Why was the case closed?

“We don’t understand why this case was not referred to the county prosecutor’s office,” said Kimberly Brown, who is working with Wise’s family.

She recently addressed their concerns to the Metroparks Board.

Noticeably absent from the meeting of the board was Anne Eisenhower, the Metroparks prosecutor, who decided not to pursue the case.

“We are asking, we are honorably asking, that this case is reopened, that it’s re-investigated, that it’s probed. And if the Metroparks Rangers can’t figure it out, act in due diligence. Go give it to the county prosecutor’s office because maybe they can do a better job,” said Brown.

The final entry in the police case paperwork says the case is closed. Metroparks Police Chief Katherine Dolan met with Wise’s mother and the family on Wednesday. She calls the case “inactive,” not closed.

“I asked her to give me some time to look over the case in full since I was not here when the accident actually occurred," Dolan told 19 News.

It is at least a start at a new review of the facts.

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