Schwab- Is the Tribe’s record inflated by bad teams? NOPE!

Indians 20-7 since June 4th

Schwab- Is the Tribe’s record inflated by bad teams? NOPE!
Cleveland Indians' Jason Kipnis, center, is doused with water from Cleveland Indians' Carlos Santana, left, and Francisco Lindor, right, after hitting a solo home run in the 10th inning in a baseball game against the Kansas City Royals, early Tuesday, June 25, 2019, in Cleveland. The Indians won 3-2 in 10 innings. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak) (Source: Tony Dejak)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Going into play on Monday the Indians were 10-2 in their last 12 games, 20-7 in their last 27. They’d gone from a team that was 34-33 to a 54-40 club, but some people will say, “yeah, but.” Of course they will. There is always a “but" with this team. The critics say these wins do not really show anything because they are coming against bad teams.

I. Do. Not. Care.

And that’s not even accurate.

They have not all come against bad teams. In late May the Tribe was around .500 and these same people were pointing to upcoming games against Boston, Minnesota and New York as what would bury the team for good. The Indians won all three series.

You could say this turnaround really started on June 4 when Shane Bieber shut down Minnesota in a 5-2 win. That win got them back to .500 and they have not looked back since. Yes, they did just lose a series to Minnesota. Who cares. You’ll never win all of them, you just can lose all of them. And why don’t I hear anybody discounting those Twins because they have losing records against New York, Boston and Oakland? Because they never hold other teams to the same standards they hold the Tribe to.

From July 30-August 18 the Indians have another stretch of baseball against contending teams. They’ll play Houston, the Yankees, Boston and Minnesota. If they lose, those critics will again be hollering that the team is not really that good. If they win, I expect them to be quiet as church mice.

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