Mount Pleasant neighbors want justice for their 91 year-old friend

Mount Pleasant neighbors want justice for their 91 year-old friend

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Reality is now setting in that a beloved neighbor in Mount Pleasant is gone.

After six weeks in the hospital 91-year-old Thomas Price, died Thursday.

He was the victim in a hit and run in early June.

When Michelle Williams thinks about that awful day in front of Mr. Price’s home, her happiness turns to disappointment. “It was broad daylight. All of these people out here and you mean to tell me no one knew the two people that jumped out of the car,” said Williams.

Police said Price was working in his front yard on East 144th Street when a car was speeding, went off the road, and hit him.

The driver and passenger jumped out of the car and ran.

“Everybody is talking about it now. Not one police, not one investigator, nobody came by and asked anyone of us if we saw anything or heard anything lately or even asked about how Mr. Price was doing. Nobody. Nobody, but you,” said Williams.

19 News has been following the story since it happened. At last check with Cleveland Police, the suspects are still out there. Williams said, “It would be best if you turn yourself in cause sooner or later somebody will. They’re gonna get you. They’re gonna get you. I want some justice for Mr. Price.”

We reached out to Cleveland Police again Friday afternoon for an update on the investigation. We haven’t heard back just yet.

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