Power restored for West Side Cleveland Neighborhoods on hottest day of year

Outages a problem during heat wave

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Multiple people on Cleveland’s Westside were in the dark for hours with no electricity, on the hottest day of the year.

“This heat man, you’ll end up having a heat stroke. There’s no reason for it. Like I don’t understand how it happened. You shouldn’t have to deal with stuff like this on an 105 degree day,” said Homeowner, Mike Hamilton.

With temperatures approaching triple digits, residents said it was the worst time possible for a power outage in the Old Brooklyn Neighborhood.

“Me and a bunch of my buddies were down there just sitting under the AC and then just boom out of nowhere it just shut off. We thought maybe we didn’t pay the bill. But we were like no we paid the bill,” said Hamilton.

Even though Friday’s power outage is more than likely the result of so many customers cranking up the AC, 19 News was told by some of the people living in the area that these blackouts happen year round.

“Even we were saying like why do we pay for electricity. It seems to always go out in this neighborhood. Even in the winter time it goes out a lot over here. Especially when it’s really cold, we lose power a lot,” said Old Brooklyn resident, Erica Torres.

Luckily, Torres and her family were able to ride out the scorching heat with a pool their yard.

Nevertheless, she feels bad for the less fortunate who may not, those who may not have the same resources.

“I feel for them, the people who don’t have the resources like we do to keep cool. It’s hard to get through this heat. It’s so hot,” said Torres.

“I hope they can take care of what they need to take care of and get everything fixed. You’ve got elderly people around here and people with their oxygen and all that stuff. They need that type of stuff you know,” concluded Hamilton.

You can report outages to Cleveland Public Power by calling 216-664-4600.

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