Arson investigation underway after 10 cars torched in Cleveland apartment complex

Arson investigation underway after 10 cars torched in Cleveland apartment complex

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Investigators say they are looking for the person who torched nearly a dozen cars overnight Tuesday.

Cell phone video shows the huge fire. Cars are fully engulfed in flames.

The blaze is so intense, you can hear car parts popping.

The neighbor who took the video thought it was fireworks that woke her up around two in the morning.

“I’m like: ‘Who’s setting up firecrackers this late,’ ” she said. “Something just told me to get up, and I looked out my window and it was just big and exploding.”

Rashawn Brinkley is so mad, because this is the second time his car’s been ruined sitting in the complex’s lot off Belvoir Boulevard.

“The damage? The damage! The damage is done! The whole car is completely burnt,” he said.

Last June, he says three cars were damaged. The side of his white car was damaged because of the burning car next to his.

“It’s way bigger this time,” he said.

This time, at least nine cars were reduced to a pile of junk.

Shakari McGee also owns one of the cars that burned this week.

“Everybody out here who has a car--they work hard for their things,” she said.

She’s disappointed she hasn’t heard from the Hilltop Estates management office.

The management office was already closed when 19 News visited Tuesday.

Brinkley says, “Out of all these cars, people need to start speaking up.”

Residents say it took a while to extinguish the flames from these cars, because the hydrant firefighters needed is clear past the apartment buildings. They had to run hoses just to get to the mess.

As far as the victims of last year’s fire know, there wasn’t an arrest in that case.

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