Ready, Freddie! Kitchens and Dorsey excited to kick off camp

Head coach enters first full season in charge

Ready, Freddie! Kitchens and Dorsey excited to kick off camp

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Freddie Kitchens and John Dorsey got things going on Wednesday afternoon, setting high goals and even sharing a few laughs during a 38-minute press conference, one day before the Browns kick off Training Camp.

It took 24 minutes before a reporter mentioned “Super Bowl”, but Kitchens tackled that one head-on.

“I want everybody to understand this. Our goal with the Cleveland Browns, as long as I’m here, is to win the Super Bowl", Kitchens said. "You don’t do that by talking about it, you do that by putting the expectations on how you prepare on a day to day basis.”

“If we don’t have 53 guys here at the end, that have that goal (Super Bowl), they’re in the wrong business. I don’t want them to be scared to go get it. If you’re not going to jump out of the plane, then don’t put the parachute on.”

Dorsey confirmed that everyone’s at camp, including running back Duke Johnson, who has asked to be traded and is now represented by high-profile agent Drew Rosenhaus.

“Drew (Rosenhaus) and I had a conversation yesterday, a very good conversation", Dorsey said. "We had a chance to discuss each other’s sides. It looks like Duke’s here. I would say if history is any indicator, he’d be a very productive player.”

Kitchens also reiterated that he will call the offensive plays, but praised his entire staff, saying they are exactly who he signed up for.

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