Survey: Chatty coworkers in Cleveland lead the nation for killing productivity

Monday is still the most productive day of the week across the nation.
A new survey from Accountemps says chatty coworkers are the number one productivity killers in...
A new survey from Accountemps says chatty coworkers are the number one productivity killers in the workplace.(Source: Pixabay)
Updated: Jul. 25, 2019 at 11:18 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -A new survey, released by the hiring firm Accountemps, looked at the biggest productivity killers in the workplace and for Cleveland, 47% said it was chatty coworkers.

Clevelanders must have a lot to say because that 47% was the highest mark in the nation for that category.

“The upside is all that chatter suggests most Cleveland workers have positive relationships with their coworkers,” Erin Spirnak said, Branch Manager of Accountemps in Cleveland.

Here is what Clevelanders blamed for being the biggest distractions at work:

  • 47% -- Coworkers who are too chatty/social
  • 20% -- Unnecessary conference calls and meetings
  • 18% -- Office noise (coworkers on the phone, typing, music, noise from kitchen)
  • 9% -- Using my cell phone for calls, texting, social media
  • 7% -- Unnecessary emails

When it comes to the nation, chatty coworkers are still the biggest problem but not nearly as much as in Cleveland.

  • Coworkers who are too chatty and social 32%
  • Office noise 22%
  • Unnecessary conference calls and meetings 20%
  • Cell phone use 15%
  • Unnecessary emails 11%

“Employees should focus on important assignments when they’re most alert and energized, and if necessary, consider posting a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign at their desk or switching team chat status to ‘Busy’" according to Michael Steinitz, senior executive director of Accountemps" "Finding ways to shut out distractions can help maximize productivity, no matter the day, time or place.”

Most of us have to drag ourselves to work on Monday mornings but according to the survey, once we get there we do get to work.

Those surveyed said Mondays are far better for getting work done than Fridays.

Most Productive Days of the Week:

  • Monday 29%
  • Tuesday 27%
  • Wednesday 20%
  • Thursday 13%
  • Friday 11%

“The survey was developed by Accountemps and conducted by an independent research firm. It includes responses from more than 2,800 workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments in the United States,” according to a news release.

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