Your electric bill will reflect an increase because of a sweltering July in Northeast Ohio, but it’s not based on ‘estimated usage’

A hotter than normal July means hefty bills.

Your July electric bill is going to see a bump, but at least it won’t be 'estimated usage'

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The sultry month of July is wrapping up and that means your electric bill is going to be on its way.

Both First Energy and Cleveland Public Power (CPP) are saying there will likely be a bump in your bill because of the extended number of days Northeast Ohio was above 90 degrees.

“Everyone’s electric usage is based on so many individual factors,” Mark Durbin with FirstEnergy said. “But as a general rule of thumb, if there is a week with sustained 90 degree temps, as happened recently, people will see a corresponding bump in their electric bill."

And it’s not just because of your air conditioning.

“Overall, on extremely hot days, customers spend more time indoors using appliances and electronics, which contributes to higher energy use,” Durbin said.

In the past, your utility bill might be an estimate of how much energy you used in any given month.

Both CPP and FirstEnergy have said they don’t send estimated bills any longer, so the bill you receive is your actual usage.

So what do you do if you open your bill and nearly drop to the floor because of the price.

First, contact your utility company.

“It’s always best to call the utility and see if there’s anything that can be arranged," Shelley Shockly with CPP said. “Don’t wait until it’s cut off.”

CPP is a city-owned utility, so unfortunately according to Shockly, it can’t offer discounts to customers.

That’s not the case with FirstEnergy, which is a publicly traded utility.

“If a customer has trouble paying their electric bill, we suggest they call us at 1-800-589-3101 immediately so one of our representatives can discuss payment plans that might be available to help them,” Durbin with FirstEnergy said. “Or go to for available programs.”

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