Capital One data breach has consumers on edge once more

What are your next steps if you are a Capital One customer?

Capital One data breach has consumers on edge once more

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank has already apologized to customers and promised to offer free credit and identity protection services, but that is most likely not helping consumers feel any better.

Massive data breaches are becoming all too common.

“The real answer why it keeps happening is that securing systems is really hard,” said Ted Shorter, the chief technology officer for Independnce-based Keyfactor--a firm that secures and manages data transactions and the cryptographic keys that secure those connections.

Consumers, following massive data breaches at Equifax and Target, are starting to accept the sad reality that personal information is now more at risk than ever, but consumers must stay vigilant.

“Certainly you can monitor your card transactions to see if anything has occurred that is fraudulent," Shorter said.

Along with that first step, Shorter believes it’s best to take advantage of the services that Capital One will be offering soon to those affected by the data breach.

“The impact on consumers is certainly significant,” Shorter said, “People open and apply for mortgages and loans and so forth in peoples names.”

The breach will affect at least 100 million people in the United States.

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