Wickliffe Police: Stolen SUV goes up in flames after crash on SR 2

Wickliffe Police arrest erratic driver they say stole an SUV and crashed on SR 2

WICKLIFFE, Ohio (WOIO) - Wickliffe Police arrived at a crazy scene on a local roadway, after an erratic driver slammed into a wall, catching the SUV on fire.

What’s scary is that the suspect could have hit anyone.

Police believe he was possibly on drugs behind the wheel.

Dennis Keller was alarmed to say the least.

He says he watched the driver narrowly miss two construction workers.

“He just scared the heck out of me,” Keller said. “I thought he was going to kill somebody. He came so close to hitting those people. He would have killed them.”

Keller says Jarod Mausolf. slammed into the median of State Route 2 several times, before crashing.

Keller then pulled him out of the burning SUV.

“He had a blue hospital gown on, and he had a band on around his arm,” Keller said.

Police dash camera captured the moment right after Keller and another man rescued Mausolf.

Keller had to hold him down.

“I’m holding him and I’m talking to him, and at the last second he tried to run away into traffic,” Keller said.

Police say Mausolf had just stolen the SUV in Mentor-on-the-Lake.

As firefighters doused the mounting flames, Mausolf tells officers he fell asleep at the wheel.

Then, you can hear police tell each other that crews in Mentor-on-the-Lake had just responded to help Mausolf.

“They dealt with him earlier for an overdose,” one officer said.

Mentor-on-the-Lake officers then tell Wickliffe officers that within an hour and a half of being taken to the hospital for that overdose, Mausolf walked out, stole a car and ended up on SR 2.

“It could be a secondary overdose,” the officer said on the dash camera video obtained by 19 News.

Keller says it’s a miracle that no one was hurt in the incident.

“It’s really hard to believe,” he said.

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