If you live in these Northeast Ohio zip codes, you need to rescan to get channels 19/43 back on TV

Make a plan to rescan on Friday if you use an antenna to watch 19 News.

Use an antenna to watch 19 News? It's time to rescan

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Cleveland 19 engineers have been hard at work this week on a translator in the Akron area, meaning some of you might lose channels 19 and 43 if you use an antenna to watch 19 News.

The switch will happen at some point on Thursday, Aug. 1.

If you rescan your television on Friday morning everything should be back to normal.

If you should happen to notice channels 19 and 43 are dark, you can rescan to get them back.

The digital channels impacted picked up by your antenna will be 19.1, 19.2, 43.1 and 43.2.

Here are the cities and zip codes that will need to rescan:

  • Canton/North Canton 44701-44710
  • Canal Fulton 44614
  • Orrville 44667
  • Dalton 44618
  • Brewster 44613
  • Wooster 44691
  • Apple Creek 44606
  • Marshallville 44645
  • Clinton 44216
  • Fredericksburg 44627

Rescanning is different on just about every television.

The basic method is to hit the menu button on your remote control and look for either a “set-up” or “channel" menu.

In one of those menu options there will be an “auto-scan” button.

By clicking “auto-scan” your television will automatically search for all the signals coming in through your antenna.

The Federal Communications Commission has published an easy to understand tutorial on YouTube.

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