July 2019 in Review: Less rain and more sunshine

July 2019 in Review: Less rain and more sunshine
A kayaker paddles past Whiskey Island on Lake Erie. (Source: Michael Dakota)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The second month of Meteorological Summer could not have been more different than the first month.

Remember how much rain we saw in June?

July featured a lot less in the way of rainfall for the City of Cleveland.

Notice how much more rainfall we saw in areas south of Cleveland-Hopkins.

That can be the case this time of the year, where the lakeshore ends up being drier than areas to the south during the month of July.

After a significantly wetter than normal June, Cleveland’s rainfall for the month of July was actually 0.84” below average.

That being said, some locations dealt with significant flooding over the course of the month. Our friends in Apple Creek and Wooster endured horrible flash flooding in late July.

The Apple Creek Fire Department said nearly all roads are flooded with most being impassable.

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Sunday, July 21, 2019

Chief Meteorologist Jason Nicholas went down to Wayne County to view the damage.

We also experienced flooding in Trumbull County.

An entire neighborhood had to be evacuated.

Parma residents often find themselves cleaning up after heavy rain events.

Early July was no different. 19 News’ Damon Maloney visited them to see the damage.

Even though we saw below normal precipitation around Cuyahoga County in July, locally heavy rainfall prompted those Parma flooding problems.

Temperatures were also a big story during the month of July.

We saw ten 90 degree plus days in Cleveland. We had seven 90 degree plus days in Akron.

Ohio also endured a late-month heat wave.

Temperatures soared into the mid 90s July 19 and 20. We hit 94 degrees in Cleveland on the 19th. On the 20th, we hit 95 degrees.

The heat index each day reached well into the triple digits. Remember how this felt?

The National Weather Service had to issue Heat Advisories for our area.

So, what is the forecast for August? We’ll have gorgeous, dry weather through the weekend. As far as the rest of the month goes, the latest weather data hints at a slightly lower than normal temperatures in August.

Check out the Climate Prediction Center temperature outlook for the month.

It won’t just be those of us in Northern Ohio who see below normal temperatures.

They have even higher chances of below normal temperatures across much of the Northern Plains.

Precipitation may also end up being below normal this month.

Here is the latest August precipitation outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.

With drier than normal weather, this would be the perfect month to head to any of the Great Lakes to enjoy the sunshine.

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