4 things Nick Chubb has in common with Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns back could be Top-5 talent

4 things Nick Chubb has in common with Baker Mayfield

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Nick Chubb has a few things in common with Baker Mayfield.

Both brought a ton of talent into the NFL as rookies in 2018, yet both started the season on the bench.

Both ended up showing flashes of brilliance by the end.

Both are now ready to take it to an elite level.

“I don’t like to rank guys," head coach Freddie Kitchens said on Tuesday. “I just know that Nick is everything that we want in a football player.”

Including a team player.

Go back to the final game of last season, against the Ravens.

Chubb, made only his ninth start, and needed only 28 yards to reach 1,000 for the season.

He got them, but then suffered a five-yard loss on his next carry, leaving him at 996.

With the Browns playing catch-up through the air, Chubb never got the chance to reach 1,000 again that day.

“Let me tell you something about Nick," Freddie said, recalling that season finale. “He went over 1,000 yards, and then the next carry lost, I don’t remember, three or four (five) yards, and not a word was mentioned about it. Not a word, and I even apologized to him. Not a word.”

That ‘team-first’ philosophy has also led Chubb to embrace Kareem Hunt, another incredibly talented back and one-time NFL rushing champ who, once his suspension ends midseason, will push Chubb for playing time.

“It’s gonna be scary," Chubb said. “I remember watching him while I was in college. He does a lot of great things, makes plays, very athletic. It’s gonna be fun.”

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