Parma Heights officials move to correct potential pedestrian hazard at Pearl and West 130th

Residents say construction presents new dangers at RTA stop in Parma Heights

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Commuters in Parma Heights are calling one bus stop a danger zone.

They say it’s all because of a new gas station that’s under construction at the intersection of West 130th Street and Pearl Road.

“It’s very frustrating because there’s very heavy traffic here,” said daily RTA commuter Emery Pinton.

For Pinton, getting from point A to B has become a huge hassle.

“I had no idea that this bus stop was going to give me trouble. I didn’t even know until I got off the bus that sidewalk was closed,” recalled Pinter.

Because of the construction of the new Speedway Gas Station, Pinter had to walk in the street on West 130th.

“I had to start walking when there was a red light so I had to be careful that no cars would hit me,” he said.

While our cameras were rolling, we saw a woman fall down in the middle of the street due to unevenness of the road.

Pinter is just worried about the same thing happening to elderly pedestrians who might not have a sidewalk to travel on because of that construction.

“I feel for them because even for me, it’s hard to get around the corner there. For them, it’ll be 10 times as hard,” Pinter said.

The Parma Heights native just wants something done before it’s too late, no matter who has to take care of the problem.

After 19 News contacted Parma Heights about the problem, city officials swiftly moved to correct the issue.

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