3 Arrested in Armed Robbery as South Euclid Burlington goes on lockdown

3 Arrested in Armed Robbery as South Euclid Burlington goes on lockdown

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) - It was a wild afternoon for customers of a popular store in South Euclid as they were locked down inside for their own safety.

Cleveland 19 Reporter, Victor Williams was actually inside the store when it announced the store would be closing its doors until police said otherwise.

South Euclid Public Information Officer, Joe Di Lillo Jr. says it all stemmed from an armed robbery in Garfield Heights where a phone was stolen.

“The suspects brandished a firearm at the time of the robbery. The stolen phone was pinging at Oakwood Commons in our city,” said Officer, Di Lillo Jr.

Both South Euclid and Garfield heights police decided to quickly move in on the suspects as soon as they exited the store. But as a precautionary measure, Police called the department store and told management to lock the doors.

“This was more of a tactic to secure the store to make sure that the suspects didn’t run out and run back in. It was not to jeopardize any innocent people or anyone shopping,” added the Officer.

Customers were told to stay in the back of the store for about 15 minutes until the scene was cleared. Officers nailed the suspected robbers near this Gazebo of the Wal-Mart parking lot next door. Turns out the car they were driving... was stolen too.

“So it was good work by two different agencies contacting each other, realizing there’s a potentially armed individual at the store and making sure an arrest was made without anyone getting hurt,” concluded Officer Di Lillo Jr.

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