Body camera footage shows officers shoot and arrest a carjacking suspect

Body camera footage shows officers shoot and arrest a carjacking suspect

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Cleveland Police Department just released body camera footage of the moment officers shot a man in April.

Police said the suspect stole a car, threatened people inside a laundromat and then pointed his gun at officers.

It all started by making an 83-year-old lady cry.

The video showed officers arrive right after the woman called 911, she told officers she was carjacked at church.

“He said get out or I’ll kill you right now,” she told officers.

Police said that was the first of several crimes Clifford Gillespie committed this spring.

“He had his face all covered,” the victim said. “I couldn’t see nothing but his eyes.”

Police said he took the woman’s car to a nearby laundromat.

A witness told officers Gillespie offered to help her with her laundry, before beginning to touch himself.

When she took out her phone to call police, she said he threatened to kill her.

“He pulled his gun out, and it was grey and black,” the victim told officers.

Officers said he then got back in the stolen car and lead them on a chase, before crashing and taking off on foot.

In the video, it’s unclear whether he fired shots.

But afterwards, it’s clear officers are still careful not to get near him.

“He’s still got the gun,” an officer yelled. “He still has the gun in his hands.”

Officers tried to talk him into surrendering for several minutes.

But then, another round of gunfire erupts.

After that, they’re finally able to take the weapon away, and arrest Gillespie.

In the video… police said Gillespie was shot in the arm.

According to court records, he last appeared in July for a pretrial in this case.

He remains in jail tonight.

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