ODOT cameras capture two more wrong-way drivers on Cleveland highways

ODOT cameras capture two more wrong-way drivers on Cleveland highways

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - For the second time this week, we have video of drivers putting you and your family in a potentially deadly situation. Two more drivers were seen going the wrong way early Thursday morning.

More wrong-wrog way drivers

ODOT says the latest incidents happened on two of the most common places drivers go the wrong way.

One car is seen going the wrong way on I-71. ODOT doesn’t know where that driver got on and started going the wrong way. Cameras capture the car turn around and start heading in the RIGHT direction.

Another driver on the same night is seen getting on I-90 at Lakeshore Blvd and going the wrong way, nearly missing this truck.

Luckily, no one was hurt in either case.

Robert Hegedus has been thinking for nearly a year about how to prevent wrong way drivers from getting on the highway. He was hit by a wrong way driver last September on I-480. He was devastated when he learned two people were killed in this wrong way crash on I-90 Sunday night.

“I think there should be a sensor that notices a car coming down the wrong way, and deploy tire spikes to disable the vehicle right there,” Hegedus said. ODOT says that’s not a viable option, siting a study done in Texas.

Engineers found spike strips often cause problems for cars that are going the right way.

Plus, in many cases the strips did not cause the tires to deflate quickly enough to prevent a vehicle from getting on the freeway.

ODOT is trying to prevent wrong way drivers with these detectors.

There’s been one here for months at this exit from westbound State Route 2 to West 28th St. in Cleveland. It’s a mounted camera and radar that pick up wrong way drivers.

These red lights start flashing to alert the driver and an alarm goes off to alert police. The only problem is, it’s one of only a few in the state, covering one of thousands of exit ramps.

19 News asked the state whether it plans to install more detectors any time soon.

A spokesperson said there aren’t any plans right now. They’re trying to see how these ones do first.

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