Residents say remake of Jackson Street Pier is ruining views of Sandusky Bay

Their scaled down plan rejected by city commissioners.

Residents say remake of Jackson Street Pier is ruining views of Sandusky Bay

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Sandusky residents are upset after the city’s remodeling of the Jackson Street Pier is obstructing their picturesque views.

“They’re gonna put up a huge, what we folks call, ‘pole barn,’ for a market place and the city is proposing to rent that out for events,” is how Arlene Thompson described the work going on in downtown Sandusky.

She has lived there all her life and believes a plan to make the Jackson Street Pier anything more than a place to enjoy the lake is misguided.

Thompson is not alone. She and others have joined together to form the group “Friends of the Jackson Street Pier.” They’ve gone to city commissioners meetings but their effort hasn’t stopped the project.

Cement is being poured and smoothed, leaving the group with ruffled feathers.

“I think they were surprised at the pushback they got about it because these are people who don’t use the pier making decisions on what they want to see down here,” said a woman as she viewed the on-going work.

“What they’re basically doing is taking 283 parking spaces and cutting it down to 88,” said Tim Schwanger, who has alternate plans that would provide more parking.

The spots are angled parking rather than straight in to allow better vistas of the bay.

“It still would have been exactly what the city wanted to do but a little smaller scale, less pricey,” he added.

That’s another concern: The project was supposed to cost around $4 million and is running double that.

The venue is right next to a loft building, but guess what is right on the other side of the lofts? Only a few hundred yards away sits Sandusky Boat Basin Park, a spot that has an already existing location for outdoor events; a natural amphitheater.

“The people who’ve lived here all their lives go down and watch the big ore boats come in, the ships come through and go on up to Toledo,” said Thompson with a sigh.

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